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Not have it stick over top of everything.

I want to be able to work without being forced to minimize the app. Please, add the ability to "pin" and "unpin" it.

borninlyoko, 29.02.2012, 02:52
Idea status: scheduled


StarkyCat, 01.03.2012, 15:57
Hi Borninlyoko ... I have to say "I must put VOTING for your ideas" on speed dial or something :) ... As always, I enjoy & agree with your inputs ... The STICK Over Top is very ennoying, while working the other day, I had to move it all over the screen, so it won't bother me. Take Care & Keep Up The Awsome Ideas ...
borninlyoko, 02.03.2012, 02:46
Haha, thank you very much :) I'm glad you appreciate my input. I actually ended up with a bunch because, frankly, that app was pretty dismal. They pretty much skinned a timer. I just hope they improve it.
Tom, 20.07.2012, 00:39
I was surprised not to find "keep window on top" in the Options. Sometimes we want it on top, but since the window doesn't resize to a very small size, it's really blocking half of a monitor.

Until this feature gets put in, I guess we can just click "minimize" as a workaround.
Slip, 11.08.2012, 09:41
Well, I hope you keep it as an option at least. I LIKE that it's always on top and that I have to minimize it to see my work screen. I need that little extra boost of a reminder because seriously otherwise it would sit under a pile of window screens. So please don't get rid of the option to keep it as it is now.
Colin, 02.01.2013, 19:59
I like this feature actually.
The fact that's it's always annoying you is a good thing.
Get back to work, dammit.

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