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Include different warning sounds or enable the user to include their own sounds. You could program into this application the ability to inform the user of events such as appointments or meetings. Each one having a different audible warning.

Whiterabbit-uk, 29.02.2012, 02:22
Idea status: under consideration


ESN, 29.02.2012, 05:20
Agree with this proposition. I prefer to select myself different nice relaxing music files starting (eg NLP, Powernap) instead of the alarm clock noise. Maybe it would be possible to cut the music file duration (e g mp3) to the break time, i e 5 or 15 min etc. Many thanks
Whiterabbit-uk, 29.02.2012, 21:53
Thanks ESN
StarkyCat, 01.03.2012, 15:51
Hi Whiterabbit, I vote for this idea big time ... the user also can defrentiate between short/long breaks by diffrent alarm sounds. Great idea :)

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